SYS-CON TV Interview

I did an interview for SYS-CON TV. I talked about the Framework Design Guidelines book and other API related things. The interview can be viewed at

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  1. akraus2 says:

    I have currently some discussions which drive me to the result to remove the .NET ResourceManager from public APIs. Partly because we fear the ResourceManager could be deprecated there in the next .NET Release or be completely replaced. Do you think it is a good idea to encapsulate such a thing? An alternative is to give only the needed string to create the resource manager as input and create it inside the API sth. like ApiCall("AssemblyName_Resources.Namespace_ResxFileName",..) instead of ApiCall(resmgr,..). Do you have some advice in your book about this one?

  2. Aaron says:

    Hi Krysztof, what’s the recommended/best way for MS people to get hold of a paperback copy (appreciate softcopy is available on devdiv).

    – Send Brad and yourself cash directly, or just go search for a copy using



  3. There is no paperback version of the book.

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