Framework Design Guidelines book went to print

I have just heard from the publisher that the Framework Design Guidelines book just went to print.

To celebrate and to thank for the contributions, I thought I would blog the list of people who provided annotations for the book: Brad Abrams, Mark Alcazar, Chris Anderson, Christopher Brumme, Jason Clark, Steven Clarke, Joe Duffy, Patrick Dussud, Michael Fanning, Jan Gray, Brian Grunkemeyer, Eric Gunnerson, Anders Hejlsberg, Rico Mariani, Anthony Moore, Vance Morrison, Dare Obasanjo, Brian Pepin, Jon Pincus, Brent Rector, Chris Sells, Steve Starck, Herb Sutter, Clemens Szyperski, Jeffrey Richter, and Paul Vick.


Comments (5)

  1. I’m looking forward to adding this book to my bookshelf. Are there any downloadable sample chapters around?

  2. Framework Design Guidelines. I feel that’s amazing book.

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