WF 4 Migration Guidance now live on MSDN

Our team has posted a set of WF 4 Migration documents on MSDN. You’ll find 4 papers initially – an overview document which introduces migration concerns and what to do for the WF3 developer. a best practices for WF3 development paper – how to design your WF3 artifacts today to help with the move to…


PDC, here we come!

The premier Microsoft conference, the PDC – Professional Developers Conference, is happening in the week of Octobert 26th in Los Angeles! Microsoft stars will join movie stars and present a bunch of upcoming technologies and paradigms to thousands of developers. There are still seats left, so please register if you havent already. You can pre-register…


Rule Reevaluation Behavior – need your feedback and scenarios

RuleReevaluationBehavior has been supported in WF Rules since .NET Framework 3.0. It is an enum that you can tweak to control forward chaining and the re-evaluation on a per rule basis. Typically this property is used to prevent infinite looping due to dependencies that the rule has, either on it’s own actions or on other…


Some open positions and Business Rules Forum 2007

It’s been a while since I blogged, due to vacations and just a lot of work. I also have some additional responsibilities at work and now own Activities, Rules and Community which has been keeping me busy. Part of the reason I am busy is that I have two open Program Manager positions, both posted…


Windows Workflow Foundation Rules – Part II Webcast

I did a webcast in May on Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation Rules. I am doing another one this Friday, on some advanced scenarios and extensibility. I hope to see you there! Here’s the registration link. I’ve been told that the recording will be available via the same link for 60 days. Event Name: Webcast:…


Intro to WF Rules Webcast

I will be giving a “Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation Rules” webcast on Friday May 18th at 11am PST. Hope to see you there! Description: This session provides an introduction to the rules engine capabilities provided in Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). In this webcast learn more about the WF Rules mechanisms, which also supports more…


Business Analyst Authoring support

In WF V1, we targeted developers and worked with some partners to enable high level authoring capabilities on top of our foundation. InRule went out with the general availability of their support for WF this week – you can read about it here.


Another sample from the rules team – Rules against XML

There’s another new sample up, written by one of our testers Charlie. This sample shows how the WF Rules Engine can be used to process rules on Xml documents. This is something BizTalk BRE customers were able to do inside the Business Rules Composer, but is not obvious how to do with the WF Rules engine because…


A new custom activity sample – PolicyFromFile activity

Maggie, a tester on the Rules team, recently wrote a PolicyFromFile sample. The idea here is similar to the PolicyFromService sample that is part of the ExternalRuleSetDemo, except that the PolicyFromFile activity does not use a database and externalizes rules to a file outside the workflow. At design time, the activity will read from a…


Authoring rules against a collection

Sometimes you want to write rules against all items in a collection. In WF V1, this is not supported natively but can be achieved in the following manner: (you can come up with other ways too, but the essential idea is you want to simulate looping using forward chaining in rules) Rule 1 (Highest priority…