Come learn WF and WCF – quick and valuable how-to screencast series!

WCF and WF have been out since November 2006, and they are both still relatively new technologies. To help get started, our marketing team has worked with our friends over in Pluralsight to set up a weekly 7 - 12 minute screencast series exploring short, targeted topics.

The first screencast went live this morning and can be found here. Hope you find it helpful! It is a short screencast that walks you through creating your first WCF Service Library using Visual Studio 2008, and then hosting and testing it using the tooling support that went in the Visual Studio 2008 release. From the initial release and practically no tool support in Visual Studio 7, we've come a long way in providing the tools needed to quickly develop and test services by deploying them locally on your development box!

 In the regular weekly series, you will see various topics on both WCF and WF. If you have request for specific topics, please let us know and we can try and cover those.

Cliff Simpkins and others from our marketing team have also created a new team blog - the 'endpoint' blog in case you haven't seen it yet. Various team members will be posting content on the blog, hope to see more on Oslo and the .NET Framework 4.0 around and after PDC.

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