New sample for rules

After the excellent work done by our test team, I've written a small and simple sample that shows how to create rules using the object model - without using any editors. A scenarios where you'd want to do something like this - you're writing your own custom editor, and when you save out the rules, you use the OM directly. You can find the sample here.



Comments (2)

  1. MSTechie says:

    Kavita, this is great - I was looking for a simple sample exactly like this. However, I have a follow up question ... do you know of any sample ASP.Net rule set editors? I can build a custom one from scratch, but I'd love to get one with intellisense / contextual dropdowns ... etc.

  2. I dont believe there is. Have you checked out Ghenadie's work here - - he has a web based workflow designer - only the conditional editor is there as part of the if-else activity, but tehre is no ruleset editor since he doesnt have a policy activity yet.

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