On Friday, Day 8, we got power. Felt great to be back home!


Day 7 – no power

Another day gone, another day without power. It’s just getting unbelievable. So, I found out that there are 24 houses in my community without power. There’s more than 2000 houses in all, and I guess I am seeing what being in a minority implies. PSE was not sure if the crews were even working in…


Authoring rules against a collection

Sometimes you want to write rules against all items in a collection. In WF V1, this is not supported natively but can be achieved in the following manner: (you can come up with other ways too, but the essential idea is you want to simulate looping using forward chaining in rules) Rule 1 (Highest priority…


Weird bug

I was looking into a question on the WF forums and trying out something. So I defined a WF Sequential WF project, added some properties on my root workflow class, added a policy activity, defined some rules against those properties – all standard stuff. Things worked great. Now, I defined another class with in Workflow1.cs…


Day 6 – No power, still counting

What are the odds of living in a community where 99% of homes have power but ours doesn’t? The person across the street has power too. Still counting and hoping we’ll get power today.


TechReady 4 in Seattle

As part of an effort to get the Microsoft field ready for the technologies the product teams are building, Microsoft organizes a conference called TechReady. It is Microsoft internal mainly meant for the Microsoft Technical Field community. TechReady 4 is in Seattle in February. As part of that, I am giving a talk on Windows…


Power outage

In the windstorm that hit the pacific northwest on Thursday night, a lot of homes lost power. We, still do not have power – 5 days later. They’re saying it could be through the weekend before we get power. Funny enough, most of my community got power on Sunday night, but just a few homes,…