Linq to XSD releases Alpha today

A month ago I was investigating authoring WF rules against XML. We dont support it out of the box, but a simple way of achieving this is by exposing your XML schema as a .Net type – and then author rules against that type. Simple, and doable with XSD.exe. Then I came across the “Linq…


Our team on Channel 9

Last week the Channel 9 team came over to our building. They initially wanted to do an interview with Doug, our Group Program Manager. But Doug loves to put a nice spin to things, so he called other folks from the team over to his office and it ended up being a nice team interview….


Business Rules Forum – so far

I’m spending this week in DC at the Business Rules Forum Conference. It’s been interesting. First, before this I’d been to TechEd and PDC and those are obviously much bigger conferences – 10,000+ or 15,000+ people. This one, comparatively, is tiny – I think must be around 200 or so. The good thing is by…


Rain, gosh I’ve never seen so much of it!

I am actually in DC this week at the Business Rules Forum conference, but someone sent me a couple of photos – it’s been raining near Seattle like crazy. Yes, even though most people feel that’s not news for Seattle, let me tell you, it’s usually just a constant drizzle and not flooding rains like…


We’ve shipped .Net Framework 3.0

After being on the WCF team for almost 4.5 years, I can tell you we’ve all been waiting for this day. You can now download WCF (and WF and WPF) as part of the .Net Framework 3.0 release here. This is not Beta1, or Beta2, or RC0 or RC1 – this is the final one!…