The joy of AppDay

A few members of the Core Communications team spent a part of their "App-Day" time to write a bunch of samples, tools, test libraries for creating custom channels. If you are interested in extending WCF and write any custom transports or custom protocol channels, we hope you find it useful. All the tools and samples are posted here

The App-Day effort was started by Eric Zinda, and his idea was to have the team spend Wednesday afternoons doing something they wanted to work on - tools, samples, apps etc. Yasser, who is the lead PM for core communications had this wonderful idea to have the team collaborate on some App-Day project together and the Channel Ecosystem Project was born! As time permitted, we took a few of our Wednesday afternoons, and mostly weekends to work on these tools and samples - we hope its a good starting point for those of you who want to write custom channels.

Please do let us know if you have any suggestions or comments on these tools and samples by sending an email to ces at microsoft dot com.

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  1. I pointed out in another post about the Channel Ecosystem project that a few of us from the…

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