PDC05 Content now available online

The PDC05 content is up online for free viewing for 6 months to anyone! Those who attended the PDC will be getting a copy of the DVD set later in November. Michael Swanson has all the details here. 


WCF Interop Plug Fest – 7-10 Nov 2005; You’re invited!

Kirill, our interop PM, is organizing a plug-fest here in Redmond from Nov 7-10, 2005, where vendors and partners can come interop with WCF on some of the core asynchronous messaging, security, reliable messaging, and transactional scenarios. If you have an implementation, we invite you to come out here and get some on hands interop…


5 years!

Couple of days back, I completed 5 years at Microsoft. Today, at a team meeting, I was showered with confetti and then back in my office there were some more. It’s amazing how quickly time has flown by. I started out as an SDET in the ASP.Net group working on Web Controls, and 1.5 years later,…


What I work on

I am the test lead for the transports and listener feature. I work with Steve Maine, Yasser Shouhoud, and Kenny Wolf all of who gave talks at the PDC this year. I was fortunate to get to attend the PDC this year and meet some of you. Do keep in touch, and let me know if…


PDC 2005

I haven’t been regular with my blog and I apologize for that. With the PDC just over, I thought now is a good time to resume my blog. I spent the week of 9/12-9/16 at the PDC in LA. Since this was the first MS conference I attended, I was amazed by the sheer scale…


Indigo Beta1 RC bits now available

Indigo’s Beta1 RC bits are now available on http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=B789BC8D-4F25-4823-B6AA-C5EDF432D0C1&displaylang=en. The bits also come with Avalon, the presentation subsystem in WinFX.


More Indigo Jobs!

I’ve been at Indigo for 3 years now. I started out working on our automation tools. The team had no test automation tools, and I worked on it full time for 1.5 years – it was just awesome building complex tools to help make automated testing of our system easier. Then I moved on to…


Indigo CTP bits are live!

Yay! Finally, it’s download time! The bits that are part of the Indigo CTP (community tech preview) are now live on MSDN. Currently, the bits are available to only MSDN subscribers, and can be found here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions Please download them, and play with the bits and write some cool apps! We’d love to hear from…


Want to work on Indigo?

The indigo team has some job openings. If you are passionate about working at Microsoft, passionate about distributed technologies and .NET, passionate about working on a product that’s going to change the life of distributed system developers all over the world, we would love to hear from you! We have some open positions that can be…