March Sample Madness Month

A mail came out in early March called the “March Sample Madness“, which asked for volunteers to help out with testing and writing new samples for Whidbey. Kind of exciting huh? It was nice to see the product teams open up and ask for help from the division.

I dont work on whidbey, however the Indigo team also owns System.Net libraries. So I decided to write two samples to demonstrate downloading and uploading files using WebClient and FtpWebRequest. Support for FTP was one of the popular features that people wanted from Whidbey - and it's there! The model is very similar to the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse. The submission process required us to run FxCop, get a code review, write some document and open some bugs and check in to a special depot. Felt good when it was done!

If you have an MSDN subscription you can probably download the Whidbey preview bits and play around with the new features.

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