After a long time

Trying to revive my blog after a long time. Sorry about that.

I have been thinking of what to write while Indigo is still in-house. I guess I am not as bold as Don to post code snippets just yet 🙂

Anyway, we had an app day, the same thing Don describes in his blog. It was fun taking an asteroids game written in .NET Remoting and porting it to Indigo. Added discovery to it with just a few lines of code. It was nice to see all this actually come together. Inside the Indigo land, a lot of heads are working together to figure out our plan for a Beta.

I myself work on testing port and channels - the core abstraction at the Message framework layer. If you have heard of the developer profiles like Mort, Elvis and Einstein, then this is the layer for Einstein. Mort and Elvis are expected to program at the Service Model layer, which is what Don has been showing in a few of his posts. I am also getting involved in another component called the listener. Just had a design review with Brad Lovering last week and we have got some go aheads, and some things to think about. He is really excited about this component.

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