Outlook 11 tip – the follow up flag

I have been using this for a while, ever since I installed outlook 11. I find it very useful for remembering things I need to do.

When you get a mail, just single click on the follow up flag to mark it with a “red” follow up tag. I often use the different colors to mark things with different order of importance - red is if someone is dependent on me to do it, or if its really important, and say orange is if its information I should read about but its not terribly important right now...Every day in the morning, I go to the Follow-Up folder, which is a new folder view in outlook 11 that just aggregates the mails with the follow up flag on them all in one place and groups them by flag color. If I can follow my list, I feel extremely satisfied once I check off a few items off my list. You can also set reminders, its just wonderful!

Comments (7)

  1. I set my default flag to blue so that I can assign something to red and make it stand out more.

    I’m a big fan of this feature.

  2. Andy says:

    Awesome, thank you much!

  3. WeZ says:

    I’ve been using that feature too for a while now… the only thing i think is missing is an automatic recording of these things, so that you can trace back when a follow up has been changed etc… A better integration with the task view would be great

  4. kavita says:

    i agree. the other cool thing is that archiving emails doesnt archive away the follow up mails. they continue to show up in the follow up view. i just love that!

  5. Dan says:

    Hmmm. I’m experiencing the opposite behavior with regards to archiving of follow-ups. Messages that I’ve flagged end up getting archived eventually, and then they no longer appear in the "aggregate" follow-up folder. I’ve lost track of a number of important messages because of this.

  6. My wife has always said I’m good at attacking a mess in the house (papers, trinkets, living room, clothing,

  7. noahc says:

    The [INSERT] key is a quick way to flag/check-off items.

    This is one of my favorite Outlook tips!!  It lets you quickly triage mails and go back to the ones that need more time to reply to.  Thanks for having a post I can link to. 🙂

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