The frontline program

In the past year or so, there have been a lot of community initiatives at Microsoft. Kind of related is the frontline program that’s part of the server and tools division under Eric Rudder. It is a 3 week program where participants are taken out of their day-to-day job for 3 weeks and instead work…


Cool article on the new C# features

If you want a two page summary on what’s new in the C# language in Whidbey, this article is for you: The three main ones discussed, among all the others: – support for generics. Previously, if a collection contained value types, iterating over the elements would cause boxing and unboxing of those items. Now…


March Sample Madness Month

A mail came out in early March called the “March Sample Madness“, which asked for volunteers to help out with testing and writing new samples for Whidbey. Kind of exciting huh? It was nice to see the product teams open up and ask for help from the division. I dont work on whidbey, however the Indigo…


After a long time

Trying to revive my blog after a long time. Sorry about that. I have been thinking of what to write while Indigo is still in-house. I guess I am not as bold as Don to post code snippets just yet 🙂 Anyway, we had an app day, the same thing Don describes in his blog….


Finally, a book on the PDC release of Indigo – "Inside Indigo"

Saw this on MSDN, its finally here. The first book dedicated to Indigo, published by Microsoft Press. MSDN has an article by the author (with one of the chapters of the book here). Note that – this is based of Indigo @ PDC. For those who still read books :), this may be a good way…


Security fix CDs are available

Mike Howard says in his blog: Please take advantage of this and inform your friends/family who are on dial-up about the availability of these CDs.  


Using the PDC release to create Indigo apps

Yasser, a fellow program manager on Indigo, and a known name in the world of web services, has a article on the MSDN on it, if you have access to the PDC bits, do try them out…


WS-Eventing workshop

There is a WS-Eventing workshop on Feb 19, 2004. Bruce, a tester on the peer team who works on the test aspect of this, XML Enterprise Services, or as we call it XES, has a few articles in his blog about WS-Eventing.  


Restore the Show desktop icon

I was rearranging my taskbar and lost the show desktop icon and was searching how to do this. I “googled” “show desktop windows” and popped out in the first few links….,24330,3549002,00.html google is great, and so is this tip! so, thought i’ll share it… thanks sarah.