Water bottle!

I ended up buying myself one of these. I was surprised to see how popular these bottles are. After all, its just a water bottle! If I was back in India and I told someone I spent 8$ on a water bottle, and mind you, it doesnt have a thermos or anything, they would really think I am crazy....If you just google this, you would be amazingly surprised how many uses people have for these bottles; and how much opinion/feedback is there on them on the web. To me its amazing marketing!

Comments (2)

  1. John says:

    The plastic type does not seep plastic taste into the water. That’s the value.

  2. I don’t understand these crazy things. I see bunches and bunches of people walking around school with the crazy things. I have a couple of generic Evian bottles or whatever, and I refill them at the drinking fountain as they become depleted, and refrigerate them in my office. It costed me about $3 for the equipment, and, well, the city pays the water bill.

    I have experienced no degradation in the quality of my water intake as a result of not spending $8 on a trendy container for water.

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