Water bottle!

I ended up buying myself one of these. I was surprised to see how popular these bottles are. After all, its just a water bottle! If I was back in India and I told someone I spent 8$ on a water bottle, and mind you, it doesnt have a thermos or anything, they would really…


Tree maps

Steve Makofsky, a co-tester in Indigo has a good write up about it in his blog recently. It also helped him find a bug yesterday! Pretty interesting stuff, I am going to play with it this week. Ofcourse I havent been keeping up with my blog reading because I just realised that Sharpreader, the tool I am…



I was at work last week before christmas and this week too…oh it is so quiet that you can get lots of work done – no emails, meetings, or major distractions…its great! I managed to finish up 80% of my TDS work and if I finish up the rest today/tomorrow, I can start to code…


Getting started with Indigo

Don Box has a great article on MSDN for starters. As I mentioned earlier, Indigo got release at the PDC in LA in October. Our home on MSDN is http://msdn.microsoft.com/webservices Also, check out the Longhorn page for more articles on Indigo; slides from the PDC, and on other major technologies that Microsoft showcased at the…


Project Gutenberg

http://www.gutenberg.net/index.shtml Tons of free online literature, created and maintained by some volunteers. I stumbled across this today when I was looking for cricket scores on http://www.msn.co.in/. Most other indian web sites were dead around the time the 2nd cricket test b/w India and Australia was coming to a close; the msn site was the only one that…


Async I/O and I/O completion ports

These days, the testers in Indigo are working on their TDSs (test design specifications). I own testing an area for which I needed to read up PostQueuedCompletionStatus; which lead to reading about async I/O and I/O completion ports. Pretty interesting stuff. And anytime I explain what I understood, I find that it stays with me…


Largest prime number discovered!

http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/science/12/11/prime.number.ap/index.html  Apparently my PM here, Mike, had his computer participating in the great Mersenne prime search at some point too! Fun stuff.


First blog!

I am tester on the Indigo team at Microsoft. Having seen so many folks blog useful information out there, I decided to create my own blog. My product just got announced at the PDC @ LA in 2003. Hopefully I can share some useful information with the community out there. My interests include test automation, I…