Flyout menu on touch screen.

Flyout menu is very common way of displaying menu. It works pretty well while interacting using mouse because with mouse it is easier to capture mouseover and mouseout event. If the device is touch enabled, then getting flyout menu gets tricky because there is no equivalent of hover in touch-based browsing. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 introduces a…


How to sync taxonomy hidden list using PowerShell.

Taxonomy hidden list gets synced by timer job however there may be scenario when we may have to update the taxonomy hidden list manually.    One way to manually update the taxonomy hidden list is using PowerShell script. To update the taxonomy hidden list, we need to call the SyncHiddenList method of TaxonomySession. SyncHiddenList  is static method and…


Getting Sharepoint List Id using javascript and list.asmx.

Many times, we may need list id of sharepoint list in javascript, for example we may need to create a link for list new item form. One way is to find the list id manually and hard code in the link. If this solution need to be deployed in other environment then we will have to…


Updating external data column using client object model

Business Connectivity Services provides read/write access to external data from LOB systems, Web services, databases, and other external systems within Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010 applications. We can create external data column in any list to provide lookup to external data. There might be requirement to update the external data column using client obejct model….


Error while updating farm credential.

While update farm credential,if you get error – “Error deploying administration application pool credentials. Another deployment may be active. An object of the type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPAdminAppPoolCredentialDeploymentJobDefinition named “job-admin-apppool-change” already exists under the parent Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPTimerService named “SPTimerV4”. First check the – timer job definitions, if there is any instance of SPAdminAppPoolCredentialDeploymentJobDefinition job. For that you need to check…


Move , Merge and Rename operations on Managed Metadata Term using powershell

Managed metadata is a hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define and then use as attributes for items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. There may be scenario when you need to move terms in hierarchy or merger terms or may need to rename the term. All the operations mentioned can be easily…