Windows Azure Web Sites: PHP, .user.ini and WAWS

Happy New Year 2014 to all the readers!! Its been quite some time I wrote a blog post. I am back and today I will be writing a small post on the importance of .user.ini file w.r.t Windows Azure Web Sites (WAWS) As you know WAWS supports PHP framework. As of today it supports the… Read more

Azure App Service: How to configure a custom domain

[Updated on 2nd May 2016] Azure App Service provides a default hostname on site creation. It is of the format <SITENAME> So when I create a website called Kaushalz then the hostname would be Now the users can buy a custom domain via Azure portal. See this article: If you decide to buy… Read more

Windows Azure Web Sites : Cannot upload a Self-Signed Certificate created with PowerShell

As SSL functionality was added to Windows Azure Web Sites, I started playing around with it. I was trying to upload self-signed certificates when I ran into a issue. I created a self-signed certificate using Windows PowerShell ISE (New-SelfSignedCertificate Module). Below is a snippet of the command I ran: New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertStoreLocation cert:\LocalMachine\My -DnsName I… Read more

Windows Azure Web Sites: SSL Support and configuration

Finally in the first week of June 2013, it has been announced that Windows Azure Web Sites will provide native support for SSL, which includes both SNI SSL and IP based SSL for custom web site domain names. This feature was one which took some time to be implemented and finally has been introduced. Before… Read more

Windows Azure Web Sites: Reset your deployment credentials v/s Reset your Publish Profile Credentials.

You might have seen this links on the DASHBOARD management page of the website hosted on WAWS, under the quick glance section: Reset your publish profile credentials Reset your deployment credentials There is both similarity and difference in what these 2 options provide and can be confusing at times. The similarity is that both operate… Read more

Windows Azure Web Sites: Quick Start Management Page

The QUICK START management page is seen right after the user selects one of the websites in the management page. As self descriptive it can get, the page provides quick access to important actions relating to creating a deployment of a site on to Windows Azure. This is also the default landing page in the… Read more

Publishing from Dropbox to Windows Azure Web Sites

Recently Dropbox was added to Windows Azure as yet another source control which could be used for publishing source code on to Windows Azure Web Sites. It makes the deployment task much simpler. Let’s discuss this in detail here. Installing and Configuring Dropbox Go to and sign up for a Dropbox account which we… Read more