Working with Wild Card Certificates

Yesterday one of my colleagues came up to me with a simple problem regarding wild card certificates. I gave him the solution immediately, but it had to take a lot of convincing to do. This shows that there is a lot of confusion around how wild card certificates work. For first time readers, wildcard certificates… Read more

Client Certificates V/s Server Certificates

In the past I have blogged about various certificate file extensions along with their usage. Here is the link: I use blogs as reference so that they can refer the content and I need not repeat the same thing every time. Saves time and helps others too. This time I thought of writing another… Read more

Various SSL/TLS Certificate File Types/Extensions

Its not easy to determine by looking at a file extension whether it would carry a certificate or not. I will be discussing file extensions related to certificates . This would give you some idea on what are the different types of certificates that exist. My area of expertise is in IIS, so I would… Read more