Azure Web App: Connect to your site via FTP and upload/download files

In this post I will describe on how to connect to an Azure Web App via FTP using FileZilla as a FTP client. The readers are free to choose their FTP client ¬†Download publishsettings file from Azure Portal: Login to Azure portal: Click on App Services. Select the Site and then click on Get… Read more

Microsoft Azure Web Sites: Deploying wordpress to a virtual directory within the azure web site

Microsoft Azure Web Sites allows you to have a virtual directory created within the site. There are many advantages to this. Consider a scenario where you your org’s site is deployed to root http://<sitename> You now want to have separate branches for different departments within your org. For example: http://<sitename> http://<sitename> http://<sitename> Another example could… Read more

Azure App Service: How to configure a custom domain

[Updated on 2nd May 2016] Azure App Service provides a default hostname on site creation. It is of the format <SITENAME> So when I create a website called Kaushalz then the hostname would be Now the users can buy a custom domain via Azure portal. See this article: If you decide to buy… Read more

Windows Azure Web Sites: Quick Start Management Page

The QUICK START management page is seen right after the user selects one of the websites in the management page. As self descriptive it can get, the page provides quick access to important actions relating to creating a deployment of a site on to Windows Azure. This is also the default landing page in the… Read more