HTML Table with horizontal & vertical scrolling

I blog very frequently and sometimes the posts contain code snippets. The site template sometimes limits the available real-estate and this can cause certain issues. If there is long text in one line, then they are stripped and will not be visible. The solution to this is to: Use a template which provides more real-estate.OR… Read more

Azure App Service: Understanding TLS Mutual Authentication with Web App

I have published 2 posts in the past on Client Certificate authentication. Client Certificate Authentication (Part 1) Client Certificate Authentication (Part 2) In order to enable Client Certificate authentication on azure web app, we need to flip the clientCertEnabled property to true. Please refer the following article on how to enable TLS mutual auth for… Read more

Client Certificate Authentication (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my earlier post on Client Certificate Authentication (Part 1) aka TLS Mutual Authentication. Earlier, I had discussed on what Client Certificates are and how they work in SSL/TLS Handshake. In this post, I will explain how to review SSL/TLS handshake with help of tools like WireShark & Curl. Before proceeding… Read more

Azure App Service: Using Easy Auth to query Facebook information via Graph API

On 8th August 2016, Facebook ended support FQL (Facebook Query Language). Here is a screenshot of the messaging from their site Facebook Query Language (FQL) Reference So they are encouraging the developers to use the GraphAPI to query the information. In this post we will cover on how to do this. Pre-Requisites Create an Azure… Read more