Azure App Service: Generating memory dumps on first chance exception using Procdump

In one of my older posts, I have explained on how we can generate memory dumps on first chance exceptions using Debug Diag. In certain scenarios where the users do not have permissions to install tools, users have to look for alternate options. For example, in Azure App Service, the users do not have permissions… Read more

Azure App Service: Manually collect memory dumps

While troubleshooting web application performance issues we are sometimes required to gather memory dumps during the time of the issue. In Azure App Service, we do not have RDP access to the machines. However, this doesn’t restrict us from gathering logs & data for troubleshooting. I am listing out few methods using which we can… Read more

Azure App Service: How to read & parse connection strings via PHP

On Azure App Service, developers have the ability to configure the connection strings as key-value pair under App Settings section. Here is a sample screenshot: At runtime, Azure App Service retrieves this key-value pair for you and makes them available to your hosted application. These are provided to the web app as Environment Variables. Here… Read more