AZURE REST API & PowerShell: Retrieve Cloud Service Configuration

Recently I was working on an issue where we had to retrieve PaaS instance configuration details like the RDP, OS Family, Reserved IP etc. Typically this is present in the .cscfg file of a Cloud Service. We had to retrieve these details via Azure Service Management REST API. Documentation on the Operations on Cloud Services… Read more

Client Certificate Authentication (Part 1)

SSL/TLS certificates are commonly used for both encryption and identification of the parties. In this blog post, I’ll be describing Client Certificate Authentication in brief. Client Certificate Authentication is a mutual certificate based authentication, where the client provides its Client Certificate to the Server to prove its identity. This happens as a part of the… Read more

WinDBG – Modifying icons to identify 32/64 bit debuggers

This article is not very technical in nature. Its purpose is to simplify an administrative task. Sharing this in case someone finds it useful. I use WinDBG for debugging memory dumps on a daily basis. It is a helpful tool in diagnosing performance issues of an application. It comes in 2 flavors, 32 bit &… Read more