Watch the TechDays Developer Keynote with Anders Hejlsberg

Missed TechDays? Good news: the developer keynote delivered by Anders Hejlsberg is already online. Watch Anders discuss the Trends and Future Directions in Programming Languages. All the other sessions will be live through the site as well as Channel9 in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the mentioned sites.


TechDays Update: Windows Phone 7, IE9, lunch sessions and community!

Just a few days left before we kick off this year’s TechDays event in Antwerp. Time for a last update with very exciting news. After last week’s MIX conference you probably have seen the announcements around Windows Phone 7 developer platform, Internet Explorer 9 preview and much more. Well, we have good news for you:…


TechDays 2010 – Update Four – Agenda published

Just a quick update for those looking for the TechDays 2010 agenda: we have just published the currently confirmed agenda at Check out the sessions that have been posted and get your own agenda setup using the tool. All pre-conference sessions are also available. Don’t forget you can still use the Sessions list for…


TechDays 2010 – Update Three: .NET 4 Pre-conference

Good news if you are looking for an update on the content for the .NET 4 Pre-conference at TechDays. We’re happy to confirm our speaker for the pre-conference: no less than Matt Milner from Pluralsight will be talking at TechDays. Here’s what you can expect: 5 sessions that will give you a jumpstart on the…


TechDays 2010 – Update Two: sessions listing online

TechDays 2010 agenda is filling up quite nicely (Antwerp on 30-31st March and April 1st 2010). This morning we published more than 80% of all sessions. We’re using a Silverlight application to let you browse and filter through the sessions easily: You can identify sessions based on tags filtering, speaker or full text including a…


TechDays Belgium 2010 – First update

Next year on March 30th/31st and April 1st 2010 we will be hosting TechDays 2010 Belgium. Like last year, the event is taking place at the Kinepolis in Antwerp. While the full agenda is not yet published we are getting closer to confirming about 80% of the speaker before the end of the year. To…