Unity for Silverlight by P&P group has been released

The Patterns & Practices group at Microsoft has just released Unity for Silverlight, which is the “Unity Application Block 1.2” ported to Silverlight 2. Unity Application Block 1.2 for Silverlight – December 2008 Unity for Silverlight page on MSDN site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd362339.aspx Community Forum, releases and download: http://codeplex.com/unity


Silverlight 2 RTW – all the links you need to get started

After the RC0 a few weeks ago we a, Silverlight 2 RTW (Release to Web) is here, it’s official! This is great news as for a lot of people, where putting something in production on a non-release version was out of the question. Now that we are out of beta, I created a list of…


Community Day 2008 – 12 sessions by 9 user groups

Yesterday the second Belgian Community Day took place in Keerbergen. I joined in a bit later due to some meetings at the office but it was still more than worth it. Nine Belgian User Groups joined in this year to organize a day “For the Community, By the Community”. I would like to thank all…


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 and related downloads

During the opening keynote at TechEd Orlando last Tuesday, Soma announced the availability of Silverlight 2 Beta 2. As from now you can find the different downloads related to Silverlight 2 Beta 2. The best place to start is reading Scott Guthrie’s post on the beta 2 release. As always, he gives a clear overview…


Silverlight collaboration demo source code from the MIX essentials keynote

A few people at the MIX essentials event we organized in April requested me to post the source code for the Silverlight demo we gave in the opening keynote. So, here is the code (download at the bottom) along with some explanations of what we implemented. What’s also available: a running example hosted at Silverlight…


MIX essentials 2008 Roundup

Last week on April 24th we had our first MIX essentials event in Belgium. It was a full day with a dynamic opening keynote; developer and designer break-out sessions and of course a fantastic closing keynote and Q&A session with Steve Ballmer. Opening keynote The opening keynote was a mix of presentations, demos and some…


Different ways for loading images and files in Silverlight 2 applications

When loading files in Silverlight 2 applications, this can range from images, video, fonts, etc, there are several options available. You might want to call files that reside on another server, files that are embedded into the .xap application or zip files that are downloaded and unpackaged on the client. In this post I’m reviewing…


Silverlight and the HTML page: let your Silverlight do the work

One of the things I like with having Silverlight 2 runtime on the browser is that it gives us the power of .NET at the browser level. And this is more than just for creating RIAs, one aspect that does not get much attention is the fact that you can use the Silverlight plugin to…


Silverlight 2: structure of the new .XAP file (Silverlight packaged application)

With Silverlight 2 comes a new file extension for your Silverlight applications: .XAP (pronounced zap). This is a compressed file that uses standard .zip compression algorithm to minimize client download size. .XAP structure As stated the .XAP file is a .zip compressed file that contains the client DLL for the Silverlight application as extra DLLs…


Silverlight 2 Beta 1 – Silverlight Application project

With the release of Beta1 for Silverlight 2 you get two new templates in Visual Studio 2008 for creating Silverlight projects in C# or VB. Download links to Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008 you will find at numerous places on blogs and also in a previous post of mine. Available Silverlight…