MIX08 session recordings are available online

If you could not make it to the MIX event this year you can still follow on a lot of content presented: all session recordings are available online. Lots of them are even online in less than 24 hours. Go to the MIX 08 Sessions site at http://sessions.visitmix.com/ and watch some of the great content….


Steve Ballmer at MIX: he just loves Web Developers and we can prove it with this video

Steve Ballmer did the keynote at MIX today and he just does it again: after Guy Kawasaki asks him not to do any monkey boy a particpant gets the change to get to the microphone and challenge Steve. I was sitting next to my manager Luc who happened to be recording bits and pieces with…


MIX 08 – the beta releases downloads

The keynote at MIX08 in Las Vegas this year was really exciting to follow. I was really looking forward to the keynote mainly for Scott Guthrie’s announcements, and was not let down. Check Tim Sneath’s blog to get a “live” overview of what was announced during the keynote. Tim does a great job at keeping…


Getting ready for MIX08

  My MIX08 countdown sidebar gadget says it: 7 days to go! Just one week away I can’t wait to be at MIX08. So much coming, so little time! After Scott Guthrie’s post about the new Silverlight 2 features, I’m hoping we all can get working on our Silverlight 2 applications. Scott gives a glimpse…


Channel9 interview: "Scott Guthrie: What’s Coming for Mix, Part 1: IIS7 for Developers"

Watch part 1 of the interview with Scott Guthrie where he talks about the new features for developers in IIS7. He explains the extensibility model (creating your own modules in C# or VB.NET), exception logging, configuration setup based on the config settings we use in ASP.NET, scalability, and more. Scott will be doing the keynote…


Get the latest content on Microsoft’s web technologies at MIX08

Next March, MIX08 is taking place in Las Vegas (March 5th to 7th 2008). So, what is it? MIX is THE conference to attend to learn about the new web and UX technologies by Microsoft. Keynote speakers Keynote speakers include Steve Ballmer, Guy Kawasaki and Scott Guthrie.  Sessions, content and speakers Take a look at…