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In this post you’ll find our top tips for going through Windows Store developer registration, based on the learning’s we’ve had these past few months as we work with Belgian developers to get ready for Windows 8 launch.

Recommended resources

Store Portal Dashboard:
Logging in and accessing the Store Portal, learn about Strong Authorization and account security:

Must-read resources:


1. Registration pre-requisites

  • Microsoft account, also called Windows Live ID. I highly recommend you create a new account destined for Windows Store (and Windows Phone Marketplace). See Picking a Microsoft Account for Windows Store.
  • For companies: make sure you create a team account as this login needs to be used by developers when submitting apps to the Store. Something you do not want to happen is an account being linked to a person that one day leaves the company and has all the personal info linked.
  • Have a credit card ready for account verification purposes, even if you have a token to receive a free registration. You’ll need to access your credit card statement to verify your account (both Individual and Company accounts).

2. Registration process

The registration process is a seven-step flow in which the following elements are important:

  1. Choose the appropriate account type: Indiviadual or Company. This cannot be changed.
  2. In the Account details for a company: make sure you enter a correct Approver name and e-mail. The e-mail address for the approver must be a company mail, not a free service like or
  3. Steps in the process:
    1. Country and account type: make sure to choose the correct one as this info cannot be changed later
    2. Account info
      Approver info: make sure the contact information of the approver section is valid and have the person check their e-mail for account verification and validation (normally from Symantec). The process of approval via Symantec must be completed before your account gets validated, a required step to publish any app.
    3. Agreement
    4. Price
    5. Payment
    6. Purchase
    7. Thank you


3. Validating your account

Before your apps can go through certification your account needs to be validated. Depending on the account type, there are several steps to be completed.

Account verification

Both Company and Individual verification is done through a withdrawal on your credit card, which is then reverted directly. The transaction number or amount is used to verify your account. Go to the Dashboard > Subscription page to go through verification.



Account validation status

Here’s a good overview of where to find the account status.

Under the “Profile” link, check the status of your account:

1 – Developer identity validation – Must be set to “Authorized” before any apps can be certified. (Only Company). Vetting is done by an external party “Symantec/GeoTrust” that will send an e-mail to the Approver e-mail you entered in the process of registration. Make sure Spam folder is checked and followed up.
You can find more information on the types of proof needed for Belgian accounts through Symantec knowledge base:

2 – Payout account: the status of your bank account information being complete. Must be complete if you are certifying paid apps, or in-app purchase. (Company and Indidual)

3 – Tax profile must be set to “Valid” if you are certifying paid apps, or in-app purchase. (Company and Indidual)
Important to note is that the Tax Profile section should be filled in by a company representative, for example the CEO or Financial director.





Need help? Go through official support

If you run into an issue with your developer registration, there are several support options available including community forums and the official support team ready to help you (through chat or e-mail).

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  1. Raymond says:

    Hi Katrien, I heard that I need to fill in separate developer info and approver info, but I am just one-man company, what should I do then??

    Please help, thanks!!

  2. Katrien DG says:

    Hi Raymond,

    I'm actually not sure, therefore I suggest you ask the question through support. It's important you have the right info before continuing. Support should be able to give you the right recommendation. Available here:



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