Turn up the heat this summer with your Windows 8 app – events and support

Our MSDN Belgium & Luxembourg team has been preparing some stuff to keep you busy this summer. Join us at hackathons or online!

It's summertime! Time for all of us to throw ourselves into something new, fun and rewarding. With Windows 8 around the corner, now is the time to start building apps!
Will your app be the next big thing? Grasp that first-mover advantage and make sure your app is in the Windows Store by the time Windows 8 hits the market.
We're here to help you get your app ready with a bunch of support tools ranging from online training to App-a-thons, App Clinics and App Excellence Labs.

Follow the 4 steps to getting your app published and start building!

Build your app now! 
Four simple steps to your app in
Windows Store:

Four simple steps

Summer App-a-thons

We have 2 App-a-thons planned this summer: join us in Blankenberge (12 July) or Antwerp Zaventem (8 August) and start building your Windows 8 Metro Style App!
You can win fantastic prizes too: Xbox 360 + Kinect, Connections Gift Vouchers, ...




Correction: the app-a-thon for 8 August is taking place at the Microsoft Office in Zaventem, no longer in Antwerp due to location issues.

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  1. Tom Servo says:

    And here I expected to get my apps in the store before RTM without bullshit like this… I'm developing on the side, I don't have time for this. If you want to make a first good impression in the Windows Store on Windows 8 launch, implement a QA gate in the submission process instead.

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