Windows 8 App Clinics: book your slot and let’s talk apps

Have you looked into the new developer opportunity with Windows 8 Metro Applications? 
imageCombining the broad reach of Windows, best-in-class developer tools, a reimagined user experience, support for new chipsets, and a built-in Store with industry-leading business terms - Windows 8 is the largest developer opportunity, ever.

But now what? In Belgium we have announced a series of developer camps, webcasts and MIC calls for projects. These activities will allow you to dive technically into the platform to support you in building apps. However, you probably need more.

What about testing on more than one device? What about discussing the best UX and experience to integrate with Metro? And most importantly, what about getting that access to the Windows Store and publish an app? If you are based in Belgium or Luxembourg don’t hesitate to take advantage of this option.

The answers are the App Clinics. Join us for a meeting with the Microsoft Evangelists and consultants to discuss the app, the ideas, the application flow, architecture, technical questions and more. It’s an open discussion and allows you to be ready for the next step: passing an App Excellence Lab with a Microsoft engineer, the last step before getting access to the Windows Store as a developer.


Are you actively working on a Windows 8 Metro app? Have an idea but are not sure what the next step is? Join us at an App Clinic and we’ll help you move to the next stage.


App Clinic dates (currently all dates are on Tuesdays): 24th April 2012, 8th May 2012, 31th May 2012, 5th June 2012 and 19th June 2012.


Comments (3)

  1. Shiv Kumar says:

    Hi Katrien,

    Just found you blog and you seem to write a lot about Window 8 development. I've been looking for a sample that does the following:

    1. UI is done using Html/CSS/JavaScript

    2. C#/.NET client side layer that the Javascript layer talks to

    3. The C# code gets it data from a remote server

    The part I'm havign trouble with is that the data transfer between the C# code and Javascript is asynchronous and I'm using a JS ListView and I'd like a reccomended way of doing this. There are hacks of half baked samples but nothing "real world" that uses C# as the client side tier talking to a JS UI tier synchronously populating a List View with pages

  2. Katrien DG says:

    Hi Shiv,

    I'm not sure why you are mixing HTML with C# on a single app. Although this is possible in hybrid apps what we normally see is either HTML/JavaScript apps talking to the backend server or XAML/C# apps.

    I recommend you take a look at these getting started guides to learn more:…/br211385.aspx…/br211380.aspx

    Hope that helps.


  3. Ian Thomson says:

    The Windows 8 app clinics in the UK are impossible to access!!!  There is no messaging when a conference fails. It looks a mess

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