Quick tip: Player Framework and Smooth Streaming for Windows 8 Metro (BETA)

[Update 13 March: added the Smooth Streaming Client SDK info]

The Microsoft Media Platform team has released the beta version of a Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro Style Applications. If you are building media applications for Windows 8 this is for you.

What is the Player Framework? The Player Framework is an open source video player available for Silverlight, HTML5, Windows Phone, Xbox, and now, Windows 8 Metro-style applications.

Update: in addition to the Player Framework you can now also download the Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta from Visual Studio Gallery, allowing you to build Windows 8 Metro Style applications that consume On-Demand and Live Smooth Streaming content with PlayReady protection. 

More on the Player Framework:

“This framework allows you to add advanced video playback features to your Metro style application using either the HTML/JavaScript or XAML/C# app models.

The beta release focuses on core playback scenarios and baseline functionality. In our next release we will add more advanced features including SMPTE-TT/TTML/WebVTT closed captioning support, Advertising support via MAST, VAST, VPAID, and Microsoft's Universal Ad Client, and a number of other advanced features.”

>> Download Player Framework for Windows 8 Metro (BETA)

Download Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta
Documentation: Getting started with an HTML/JS Player / XAML Player

More resources for Windows 8:

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