Quick tip: SkyDrive APIs for Docs and Photos, Hotmail calendars and more

Last week the Windows Live team announced the availability of the SkyDrive APIs for Docs and Photos, so you can leverage the user’s free cloud storage in your own applications. There are several ways to integrate:

  • REST APIs for usage within any type of application or device such as websites, mobile apps, basically any application that can do a REST call.
  • Live SDK for Windows Phone, allowing you to integrate with SSO using a Windows Live ID and have access to SkyDrive, Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger
  • Live SDK with Windows 8 Preview: more details in this post “A preview of Windows Live for Windows 8

In addition to SkyDrive the APIs also give you access to the user’s Hotmail contacts and calendars as well as integrating with Messenger via XMMP.

Take advantage of these features to give your users seamless access to their documents and photos in your applications. As the usage of cloud behind the scenes becomes more and more current users grow the expectations that their content is always available and synchronized from wherever they access your app. SkyDrive might be one of those options for you.

>> Official blog post: SkyDrive APIs for Docs and Photos—now ready to cloud enable apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone and more

>> Live Connect Developer Center

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