Xbox Companion App release for Windows Phone 7 (cross-posting)

Have you seen the Productivity Future Vision video released a few weeks ago? May you think a lot of it is not more than science fiction. I look at it focusing on the overall trends and pieces of technology that are coming together more and more to move towards that vision.

Yesterday’s Xobx Companion App for Windows Phone release is an example of how things come together. You can control your Xbox through the app, learn more details about what you’re listening to or playing, get access to more content, and more.

My colleague David Hernie blogged about the release, so check out all the details in his post “Control Your Xbox with your Windows Phone Using the Xbox Companion App”.

>> Direct link: Download Xbox Companion App here, it’s free.

Before leaving you, a few screenshots to give you an idea:

xbox1Capture   xbox2Capture  xbox3Capture



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