Two quick tests in IE10 PP2 with innerHTML

Today, I was reading the official post on the Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 and Dean Hachamovitch’s P.S. on that post spiked my curiosity.


First I read the explanation on the IE Engineering blog that explains some new implementations done on innerHTML in IE9: Interoperable HTML Parsing in IE9.

Using libraries like jQuery you tend to forget facing these issues. So let’s take a look at two little tests causing an issue in IE9.
What’s different in IE10 PP2? Let’s fire up this great little online tool and do a little test.

<tr>, <tbody>
Test it yourself by opening the URL in IE10: for <tbody> and for <tr>

<option> elements in <select>
Try it out in IE10 PP2:

Totally quick & dirty but you get the point.

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