Quick tip: Changing document and browser mode with developer toolbar (Internet Explorer 9)

The Developer Toolbar in Internet Explorer 9 Beta, which you can call by pressing F12, allows you to set the current page’s Document and Browser modes.
Useful when having issues with some older sites, but also when checking rendering for your own site with different settings.




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  1. Trevor says:

    Is there a way to temporarily lock or force IE9 into IE8 browser mode. I'm in a University class that has a non-optional online component through pearsoned.com. The site detects IE9 and says it won't work so I set brower mode to IE8 and it works until you click on something that pops up another window. The new window (or tab) defaults back to IE9 mode and the site thinks your running an incompatible browser and logs you out. I've become very "attached" to IE9 and don't want to go back to IE8 just for this reason. Any help is greatly appreciated.


  2. Katrien DG says:

    A few options (not really supported by MS but might help you):

    Use Compat mode for the site (will force into IE7 mode)

    1. Launch "Compatibility View settings" from the Tools menu

    2. Type "pearsoned.com" into the "Add this website:" edit box

    3. Click "Add", then "Close"


    Change your User Agent string:


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