Are you ready for Windows Phone 7?

Well, I hope you are because Windows Phone 7 is here!

Yesterday was the official announcement around the commercial availability of Windows Phone 7 devices in Europe, Asia and United States. Starting with the press conference in New York where Steve Ballmer introduced the phone, you can watch the full session on demand here. Notice how Joe Belfiore walks you through the usage of the phone, making it a very personal experience. I highly recommend watching Joe’s demo.

Belgium launch

The phone will be in stores starting October 21st 2010, with four different devices available and the major operators selling these. In addition to a press conference we also organized an evening launch event where bloggers, social media and community was invited to.
Check out the reports through the Twitter tag #wp7be.

Four phones by launch on October 21st 2010

Internationally there will nine different phones launched, for Belgium we will have four phone to start with LG Optimus 7, Samsung Omnia 7, HTC 7 Mozart and HTC 7 Trophy.


Engadget has some great WP7 coverage and a handset spec comparison.

The big question is: are you read to start building apps for Windows Phone 7?

Developing for Windows Phone 7 is done in .NET: either .NET in the form of Silverlight for apps, or in the form of XNA for developing games mainly.
Tooling is free, and it contains a special version of Visual Studio, Expression Blend and a full Phone emulator. Download the tools for free.

To get started with Windows Phone 7 development we have 12+ hours of content for you: Windows Phone 7 Jump Start training on-demand.

To finish off, check out the first Windows Phone 7 commercial: Really?.

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  1. Danny Van Neyghem says:

    Finally I would say, but when I looked at…/10-11MSWP7PR.mspx, Belgium wasn’t on the list for Europe. Or will the Windows Phone 7 devices be offered without a subscription for a telecom operator.

    I look forward to the first announcement that the Windows 7 Phone devices will be available in Belgium

  2. Katrien DG says:

    We have actually officially announced four phones to be available on Oct 21 in Belgium.

    The global press article you refer is unfortunately not an exhaustive list of all countries. For example we are also launching in the Netherlands and they are not mentioned.

    Belgian press has the official info for Belgium:…/detail.aspx

  3. Katrien DG says:

    And yes, for Belgium you will be able to buy the phone without a subscription: Fnac, Mediamarkt, etc

  4. Fabian says:

    Just went to all major phone vendors in Rue Neuve and City 2 and NOBODY knows about them. Do you know where I can buy a WP7 (with preference for the Samsun) anywhere in Belgium?

  5. Katrien DG says:

    The major shops in Brussels are getting them over the next two weeks. As I understood currently Coolblue in Antwerp has them (or had, seems they are sold out)…

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