Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 announced

Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 is available for download as of today (note: currently available only in the U.S. but still interesting news as the availability will expand in the future).
Get started with Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 via the official page on Microsoft Advertising.

As announced on the Microsoft Advertising blog post:

“With this launch, Windows Phone 7 app developers can maximize their mobile ad revenue by leveraging the industry’s first real-time bidded Mobile Ad Exchange, our superior ad targeting, multiple purchase models and leading resellers including Microsoft’s sales force –as well as the large-scale adCenter marketplace. Specific capabilities of our Mobile Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 include Demographic, Category, Carrier and Location targeting; Text and Image Units; Click to Call and Click to Web ad actions, and robust reporting on in-app ad revenue, ad inventory, clicks, CPM and sell thru rate. ”

What we, developers, need to know is that integrating the ads in our applications is really straight-forward (something like a few lines of code) with ads being displayed to the user as text or image banner. Be sure to check it out (today if you are U.S. based).

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  1. Harris Glen says:

    Does this new Microsoft Advertising SDK support other ad network like Admob, MobGold, etc. ?

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