The NewCloudApp() contest now international

Do you have an application or cool ideas for an application using the Azure Services Platform? You might give the NewCloudApp contest a try. Use Windows Azure as hosting for your .NET or PHP applications, and use the other services such as .NET Services to interact with the cloud. It’s encouraged that you also spend some focus on the user interface by taking advantage of a rich UI in Silverlight for example.

The contest previously only open to the U.S. has now got an international part to it, so go for it!

Submission deadline for your application is July 9th 2009, so that gives you about a month to complete it. Check out all the details of the contest on

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  1. mauriciodg says:

    Hi Katrien,

    Our team won the international award for the new CloudApp() contest.

    Our project was Personal Radio Station and you can check it out here:



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