.NET User group and VB online forum have merged

ACCB.NET, a .NET user group in the city of Bruges but welcoming people from all other the country has now merged with the VBiB online forum. The merger is final and new official name and logo are here. From now on, ACCB.NET & VBiB is the new official name.

With this merger the user group has the best of both worlds: the offline meetings and the online part in the form of a forum.

- ACCB.Net organizes two (offline) meetings a month, one being a theme evening, one a practice evening. Topics vary, from .NET in general to specific parts and frameworks.

- VBiB, through the online forum, offers the same type of content and help online.

There is a focus towards helping students and hobby and beginning programmers in priority, but of course seasoned programmers are very welcome.
If you are a seasoned programmer and have a wish to share your knowledge don’t hesitate to contact the user group. They are actively looking for new members and people that would like to share their knowledge.

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