Guidance on which presentation technology to use for RIAs, client and web apps

My colleague Philippe’s blog brought this to my attention: a knowledge base on Application Architecture with literally tons of documents. patterns & practices Application Architecture KB Including: Application Types (Archetypes), Architecture and Design, Cheat Sheets, 4 pocket guides and much more. One part of the knowledge base is specifically interesting for decisions on the type…


Unity for Silverlight by P&P group has been released

The Patterns & Practices group at Microsoft has just released Unity for Silverlight, which is the “Unity Application Block 1.2” ported to Silverlight 2. Unity Application Block 1.2 for Silverlight – December 2008 Unity for Silverlight page on MSDN site: Community Forum, releases and download:


Web Hosting Roadshow slides and all the links

It was great fun presenting the Web Platform overview to the folks over at the Microsoft Web Hosting Roadshow this Tuesday 9th of December. I know a lot of you were PHP developers so I hope it was a useful overview of the Microsoft technologies. Scroll down to the post if you want to download…


Silverlight workshop by the Belgian user group: get your hands dirty

Looking for some hands-on experience with Silverlight? The Belgian Silverlight User Group is organizing a workshop for their second event on January 15th 2009. This is an event where you get to bring your own laptop along and build a small Silverlight 2 application, learning some nice tips and tricks along the way. And you…


New blog on VSTS by Pieter Gheysens

Pieter is a very active member of the Belgian .NET community, being vice-president of the VISUG user group and a very active blogger. Only last week he gave a presentation at the VISUG event giving an overview of the new features of VSTS “Rosario” 2010. As you might know Visual Studio Team System is really…