MSDN event recording: Using Team Foundation Server for Version Control: Best Practices for TFS Branching and Merging

Last Wednesday Yves Goeleven presented the MSDN evening session on Team Foundation Server branching and merging patterns. During the introduction Yves explains the main groups of problems that you encounter in the development environment, and how to identify the needs in to your own specific case. Depending on the needs you will lean towards one of the other patterns that is presented during the session.

Yves has 10 different scenarios for branching and merging practices: going from least complex to the more complex setup and teams (team sizes up to 1000). Every scenario comes with a demo so it gives you a practical example.
The recording has been split up in three smaller parts (total is 2 hours):

The powerpoint presentation can be found on Yves’ blog.


Thanks Yves for the great presentation, and Tom for putting the recordings online so quickly.

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