Watch VISUG session on VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) online

Last week James Lau and Jean-Marc Prieur from the Visual Studio Extensibility team, visited Belgium and did a presentation at VISUG user group. If you missed the session or have not yet seen much about VSX this is a good opportunity. It's a 2 hour presentation with lots of demos.

You can now watch the whole presentation online, it has been split into 5 parts:

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  1. Video su Visual Studio Exstensibility

  2. As you might know, James and I are currently doing a VSX Tour in Europe. James already provided information

  3. I’m really running behind with my blogging, these have been busy weeks. I was at several community events

  4. Updated: James Lau has completed the VSX tour with Jean-Marc Prieur . To view the VSX tour presentation

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