Visual Studio User Group meeting – Building Services with the Service Factory: Modeling Edition, on 21 February 2008

Olaf Conijn is coming to the next Belgian Visual Studio User Group (VISUG) for a session on “Building Services with the Service Factory: Modeling Edition”. The meeting takes place on February 21st 2008 at 6:30PM.

If you are looking into Software Factories to develop your next software project go over to the VISUG site and register. Places are limited to 50 so don’t wait and register now.

Abstract of the session can be found below, as posted on Gill’s blog:
Being an extremely useful tool for architects and developers, the next release of the Service Factory adds one of the most often requested features: a graphical tool for designing message contracts and service interfaces based on the Visual Studio SDK, DSL Toolkit and Guidance Automation Toolkit. There are clear advantages of using a modeling environment when building services. The development team has more flexibility when the modeling environment includes logical models that don’t force platform and language decisions too early in the project. When this environment has a great deal of extensibility, the capabilities are only limited by imagination. The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition provides this type of modeling environment. Attend this demo-heavy session to see how the Service Factory can be used and extended by your service development team.

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