MSDN Code Gallery – your one-stop shop for code snippets and samples

The MSDN Code Gallery has just been released: a community site where Microsoft and the community post code snippets and small sample projects on a myriad of technologies.

I think this is really a great new resource and something we developers all love. A simple code snippet can sometimes say more than thousand words, well maybe I'm exaggerating here but we all find it very helpful.

Content is browsable by tag and via keyword search.
Every sample can have its own discussion similar to what you find also in the CodePlex projects.

You might see a resemblance with the CodePlex project site but there are some very clear differences:

  • Code Gallery is a storage site for code samples projects and code snippets

  • Code Gallery does not have a project management capabilities

  • CodePlex is an open source project hosting site

  • CodePlex allows you to collaborate on projects, and gives you source control


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