Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter video now available through MIX University

MIX University, a section of MIX Online website the has got a new addition: Silverlight 1.0 Fire Starter site.

November 29th 2007 a full day event was organized around Silverlight
1.0. This event was recorded and you can now view all the sessions
online or download them in .wmv, .wma or .mp3 format.

Eight sessions going from development in Silverligh 1.0, Expression
Blend and the designer - developer workflow, XAML, Media and Popfly to
a look at the future of Silverlight are available.

Good news is also that if you like the interface of the video site itself, which is made in Silverlight, you can grab the source code through Adam Kinney's blog!

No reason why not to get started with Silverlight today...

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