Silverlight 3 Beta 1 announced!

Finally… after months of working out Silverlight 3 Beta 1, it is announced!! Now I can freely blog about the features I work on! 🙂 So what exactly have I been working on? Since Silverlight 2 ships, I became one of the lead PMs on a new team of Silverlight that will focus on helping developers build great RIA…


How to "template" the Silverlight Calendar to behave like the Vista system calendar [Jason Cooke]

Jason Cooke works as a software tester for the AppFx group at Microsoft, where he’s has been responsible for testing the Calendar and DatePicker controls.   One feature that I wanted in the Calendar control for Silverlight 2 was cool transition effects, where changing the visible days/months/years would kick off some neat animation. That feature…


Silverlight 2 Controls Source & Unit Test available!

Many of you have been asking us where you can get the source and unit test of all the Silverlight 2 controls. It is now available on Microsoft Download. Enjoy!


Silverlight 2 has RTW! (a week ago)

Yes, I know. I’m a little late to the party. This past few weeks has been crazy, with Silverlight 2 RTW, PDC coming up and I’m going to TechEd EMEA, my blogging has fallen behind. 🙁 But even tho I’m a week behind, I’d like to use this time to thank everyone I’ve worked with…


WatermarkedTextBox for Silverlight 2 Beta 2

One breaking change you may have noticed between Silverlight 2 Beta 1 and Beta 2 is that WatermarkedTextBox is no longer available in the Silverlight SDK (System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll).  We decided to remove the control because in a future version of Silverlight, we will be adding a “Watermark” property to TextBox. Given this upcoming change, it does…


Silverlight 2 Beta 2 has shipped!

Just a few hours ago, I was doing my talk based on Silverlight 2 Beta 2 bits and one of my attendee asked about when Beta 2 will be available. I am happy to annouce that it is now available! Download the bits now on Silverlight.Net! I have also updated my controls sample for Beta…


See you all @ TechEd ’08!

Just bought my tickets and booked my hotel to TechEd ’08! Can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando again this year!! Here is my schedule: Tuesday 6/3:    8:30am to 6:00pm – TLC Booth Dev Area Thursday 6/5:   8:15am to 2:45pm- TLC Booth Dev Area Friday 6/6:      11:30pm to 2:45pm – TLC Booth Dev Area                         …


MVP Summit 2008

The 2008 MVP Summit started today. I hope everyone has been enjoying the sessions so far! I am really looking forward to chatting with all my MVPs tomorrow. The MVP summit has always been one of my favourite conference, because all the MVPs are under Microsoft NDAs so we get share and get feedback on…


Silverlight 2 Beta 1 Control Samples

My sample and its source is now live on! It show case a variety of controls we have built for the Silverlight 2 Beta 1. We have quite an good set of controls. It shouldn’t surprise my readers to know that we have a DatePicker and a Calendar. 🙂 And yes, I am the…


Mix ’08 – Venetian, Las Vegas!

After moths of hardwork, I am sitting here at MIX ’08. I’ve been here a day and I’m absolutely loving the experience. I love the fact that we are not just presenting an array of technology. We are presenting an experience. The “Web” experience. Every technology in every sessions revolves around the theme. Anyways, if…