Grid Alignment is published on!

Yesterday, the W3C accepted our Grid proposal and it is now published under!

This is start of the long road! If you have any feedback on the spec, I’d still love to hear it.

Comments (3)

  1. EisenbergEffect says:

    Kathy, I've read the spec. Nice work. Obviously seeing the influences from WPF/SL make there way into browser would be great. This is an important missing piece for building real applications. I noticed that all the samples used lists of divs. Can I assume that the grid element would work the same against a hierarchical structure? perhaps one using new html5 Nav/Section/Header elements? It's important that we be able to maintain the semantic meaning of the documents in it's DOM and be able to layout the elements in a flexible way as proposed by the spec. Also, what happens next? Does this have to be approved? Will Microsoft be creating a javascript library to support this immediately? perhpas a jQuery plugin? or will we have to wait for every browser to implement this individually?

  2. KathyKam says:

    Hi Eisenberg,

    Glad you are excited about this as well. Answering some of your questions:

    Can you use it with more than Grid? Yes – All HTML element should work, not just DIVs.

    What happens next? Well this is still an "Editor's Draft" – Beginning of a exciting but long road! TPAC is happening this week in Lyon, France.…/TPAC I'll probably find out more once the reps from MS return.



  3. mentas says:

    The true "Grid System" come to HTML!

    Is this coming to IE9? No, W3C blahh blahh, Standards blahh blahhh… you have to wait 20 years to use it 🙁

    The world can't wait and believe on standards.

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