Recruiting at U of Michigan – Go Blue!

umich This past week, I flew back to Ann Arbor, MI to participate in recruiting event at University of Michigan, my alma mater. It's been a lot of fun meeting the students and chatting about what it's like being a PM in Microsoft. I hope I gave everyone there a good idea about the fun and impact you can have with a career in Microsoft.

However, my favourite event of the week has to be TechFest which was held at the Michigan League. This was a chance for Microsoft UMich Alumni to showcase their products. It was pretty cool to see how many Microsoft products was being demoed! (I think we had the largest room at the league.) We had everything from Office to Zune. Every presenter was a Michigan Alumni and as you walk around the room to watch their demo, you can feel the passion each of us have for our products.

Can you guess what I demoed? Of course it's Silverlight! I have probably done this demo a dozen times at various conferences, but I still love seeing the "this is so awesome" look on everyone's face when I showcased the various Silverlight applications.

Here is a list of Silverlight 2 sites I demoed:

Hardrock Memorabilia:

Home Shopping Network:

Halo3 Game Guide:

Fox Trailers:

NBC Olympics (Select "Enlarge Player"):

Silverlight website (to download the SDK and build your own awesome websites!) :

I encourage everyone to visit these sites and play around with it. There is so much more to each of these applications than I had time to demo. 🙂

If anyone has any questions about being a PM in Microsoft, what's it like moving from Michigan to Seattle, or anything about Silverlight... feel free to contact me via this blog! Go Blue!

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  1. Ben says:

    Whoa, the Hard Rock Memorabilia site is truly amazing!!!

  2. tyler says:

    yeah i wish that this would help me out a little bit more than it did but at least you tryed thank-you for that and have a great day

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