A day at TechEd North America 2008

  There has been quite a few write ups on TechEd North America and I have yet to see a photoblog of it. Since PhotoBlogs are quite a hit lately, I decided to do my first photoblog on TechEd! If you didn't make it to TechEd, hopefully this will give you a flavor of what's its like! Here is my photoblog of my day at Microsoft TechEd and what I see as I walk to do my booth duty.

1)  The chartered bus that takes me from my hotel to the Orange County Convention Center where TechEd is held. This bus was the beginning and the end of my daily journey to TechEd.h 2) My fellow bus rider as we walk to the entrance. I actually met a lot of people and networked on the bus. I met the marketing team of Infragistics on the bus ride the next day!
3) This is the entrance of TechEd. 4) We even have a shoeshine guy at the front in case your shoes got dirty from the walk between the bus and the front door. Talk about service!
5) Before you can go anywhere, you have to pass the security guards. She was nice enough to let me take a photograph of her for this blog. 🙂 6) Ta-da... you are now inside! The green structure in front is registration. It might look empty now, but on Tuesday morning, they have processed over a thousand people within an hour.
7) This is the TechEd store. For all your emergency speaker shirt needs. 🙂 8) The "TLC" area (where the booths are) is opposite the Hands on Lab area. So I walk by these rows and rows of computer as far as the eye can see every day.
9) My station, the ASP.NET booth. Here is Scott Hunter (left) and Clay Compton (center) with one of our customers. 10) John Dundon (left) was also at the ASP.NET booth to  represent web tools. 
 IMAGE_024 IMAGE_025
11) My other station, the Silverlight booth. Here is Matt Powell and Seema Ramchandani. 12) Before I do my booth duty, I need to sign off with these lovely ladies.
13) After a couple hours of booth duty, Seema, Beatrix and I head off to lunch. Can you see the rows & rows of tables behind us? Oh...btw.. who said there are no females in computing? 14) Delicious lunch is provided
15) We found ourselves a table with other customers. 16) After lunch I headed back to the booth area and noticed a huge crowd. Standing in the middle is a guy giving away T-shirts.
17) What is a conference without some mascot? Here is the Microsoft Virtual Labs guy (left), the Windows Server 2008 man (center), and Visual Studio 2008 punk (right)? (Does anyone actually know the names of these mascots?) 18) After a long day of work, Krzysztof Cwalina, Pat Helland and I hung out at Disney Downtown for dinner.


I'm going to end this Photoblog with the most awesome ad. 🙂 This was at the Orlando Airport (MCO).

<Editorial Notes>

Did you like the photoblog? I have never done one before. Hopes this give you a flavor of what's its like at TechEd.

</Editorial Notes>

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  1. Sven Aelterman says:

    This photoblog post is great. Makes me want to go next year for real…

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