Silverlight 2 Beta 2 has shipped!

Just a few hours ago, I was doing my talk based on Silverlight 2 Beta 2 bits and one of my attendee asked about when Beta 2 will be available. I am happy to annouce that it is now available!

Download the bits now on Silverlight.Net!

I have also updated my controls sample for Beta 2. I've made some significant changes and I hope you like it! 🙂


Silverlight Control Demo Sample
Uploaded on June 4
Created by: Microsoft

A sample of twenty-four Silverlight 2 controls that can be viewed live together with the source code used to drive the controls.

By clicking Download It you accept the license

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I'm always interested to hear feedback, so remember to leave a comment and let me know what you think about the controls and the sample!

<Editorial Note>

The links to my sample is broken on Silverlight.NET . I have contacted the owners of the page to see what's wrong. In the mean time, I have uploaded it on my WINISP account and set the links above to it. I'll update this blog once the links are fixed.

Links on Silverlight.Net is now fixed! Woohoo!

</Editorial Note>

Comments (12)

  1. miguelwood says:


    I was ‘THAT’ guy that asked.  Thank you!


  2. Keith Farmer says:

    Hey, check out that control-click multi-column sorting action! 😉

  3. I&#39;ve got 17 links here tonight… Welcome to SL2B2.. 🙂 … Many are by the same folks, so I&#39;m

  4. I am very excited about Silverlight Beta2 shipping recently …&#160; I took a few minutes to update

  5. shaggygi says:

    When using the SL2 control sample ( Calendar tab ), how do know if the current date was selected with other dates while the "Disjoint Date Selection" radiobutton is selected?  If you click a few dates and then select the current date, the current date will have a border around it.  If you then select another date, the current date’s border goes away with no darkened color to show the current date was selected in group.  Thanks.

  6. KathyKam says:

    Hi Shaggygi,

    I do not think I understand your steps. If you are not holding "ctrl" down, each click clears the previous selection. Is that what you are referring to?



  7. Stefan says:

    Hi Kathy

    great presentation at the TechEd conference.

    One beta 1 problem is not solved yet. If you use checkbox columns in a DataGrid you need two clicks for (un)checking the checkbox. One to mark the row and another for (un)checking the checkbox.



  8. Stefan says:

    Hi Kathy,

    my colleagues told me about a problem with the controls demo. If they follow your link above they get a message that the silverlight version is to old. The problem ist that the download points to Silverlight 2 Beta 1.



  9. Gopi says:


    How can i pre-select [in the code] range of dates in the calendar control ? Tried Calendar.SelectedDates, its just a getter only!?



  10. KathyKam says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Strange, please let me know if you are still hitting this. I have installed the official Beta 2 and my demo is working correctly.



  11. KathyKam says:

    Hi Gopi,

    Calendar.SelectedDates is a collection. You should do Calendar.SelectedDates.Add(<Your DateTime>) to add more dates. The "getter" is to get the collection.

    Hope this helps! I’ll publish an updated starter guide for Beta 2 sometime next week.



  12. IT Support says:

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