Acropolis vs SCSF/CAB FAQ

Glenn Block from the Patterns and Practices team (the guys who made CAB) blogged about some common asked questions relating to Acropolis and their project.

Check it out here:

 Here is a quick snippet of the most common question asked:

What happens to SCSF when Acropolis ships? Will p&p still support it?

With the announcement of Acropolis, we currently have no further plans for SCSF releases.  That being said, our customers should rest assured that we are not dropping support for SCSF. We will continue to support the forums, provide fixes and assist customers in their implementations. Additionally the newly launched SCSFContrib project is an ongoing community effort to extend CAB/SCSF which will continue. We will continue to look at ways to help customers build smart client applications including providing pure WPF guidance as well as guidance for building Acropolis applications. 

I have an existing SCSF / CAB applicaiton, will you help me migrate to Acropolis?

Another yes. We will be working with David Hill and the Acropolis team to create a migration path for existing CAB/SCSF customers. This will include looking at hosting existing CAB components in Acropolis as well as prescriptive guidance. We are committed to helping our customers make this transiton.

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  1. I was reading John Mullinax’s blog . He has an interesting post on Popfly where he built a HLD DPE NewsReader

  2. Well, after taking the red-eye from Seattle last night I made it to TechEd in time to get some really

  3. malovicn says:

    I’m really excited to hear about the Acropolis, but on the other hand I’m a kind of mad that I spent last couple of months doing my new application for SCSF. Maybe an earlier hint would be nice.


    The king is dead! Long live the king! 🙂

  4. Peter says:

    A bit more detail on how the migration from CAB/SCSF to Acropolis will work would be great.

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