Back from a long blogging break…

Wow.. it's been a month since I last posted. My apologies. June was a tough month... the BCL team has been busy designing our new set of features. (I should post some "learnings" of mine on driving these meetings. :))  I also went on vacation. It was just a generally busy month for me.

Anyways, with my long absense, I want to share something cool I found. Most of you have probably heard about the "Windows Live!" effort. Do you know what is a "Gadget"?

Here is the official definition from

Gadgets are a new category of mini-application designed to provide information, useful lookup, or enhance an application or service on your Windows PC or the Web.

An interesting Gadget i found was a "RegEx" Checker.

Check them out!

Let me know what you think...

P.S. I also need to post my "Solution of the Month" for May. I hope to do that in the next few weeks. My most sincere apologies for readers who have been waiting for it.

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